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Audio-activated Dress, 2005 Heidi Kumao

KOBA by KOBAKANT, 2017-18 Mika Satomi, Hannah Perner-Wilson >> Dominique’s Crochet Resistance Armour
The Embroidered Computer The Embroidered Computer is an exploration into using historic gold embroidery materials and knowledge to craft a programmable 8 bit computer. Irene Posch, Ebru Kurbak >> >>
eTextile crystallography a collaboration between Rachel Freire and Melissa Coleman. It explores the idea of growing a luxurious futuristic garment and the aesthetics and practicalities involved. >>
Push Reset Lara Grant >> Heirloom Electronic Jacket
Heirloom Electronic Jacket

Worn translucent in places Darning sensors Becca Rose Glowaki >>
_knotting the memory//Encoding the khipu_ Audiovisual Performance 2019 Patricia Cadavid H. >>
Digital Fabrication of Soft Actuated Objects by Machine Knitting Lea Albaugh, Scott Hudson, Lining Yao >>
Maquila Región 4, 2010-2013 YUCA_TECH: ENERGY BY HAND, 2015 Amor Munoz
Cyberknitics A garment that translates the rhythm of knitting into sound – Master’s Thesis Teresa Lamb >>
Assisted-Knitting Purse with LilyPad Arduino Kalani Craig >>
Monarch & Nautilus by Kate Hartman and social body lab >> >> >>
Smart Arse Posture Classification with Textile Sensors in Trousers >> >>
Embroidered Inflatables Bruna Goveia da Rocha, Oscar Tomico, Panos Markopoulos, and Daniel Tetteroo >>
Media Vintage >>