Meet the Materials

Bekinox VN 14/2
Continuous stainless steel filament yarn
Nm 4.5, Tex 250
by Bekaert

Bekinox BK 50/3-KS
stainless steel, polyester fiber blend yarn
Nm 50/3, dtex 600
by Bekaert

Bekinox W12/18
Stainless steel fibers, blended with wool fibers
80% wool, 20% stainless steel by weight
by Bekaert

Bekinox VS/12
100% stainless steel filament
by Bekaert

High Flex 3981 kupfer 7X1 fach verseilt by Karl-Grimm
company: Karl Grimm

Shieldex® 235/34 dtex HC
100% polyamide coated in silver
by Statex

Elitex 110/f34/2ply_PA/Ag
100% polyamide coated in silver
by Imbut

Enameled Copper “Magnet Wire”
copper, enamel

meet the materials conductive fibers and threads spinning conductive sensor yarn conductive threads Scanning electron micrograph of common fibres: Fabric fibers such as linen, hemp, cotton, and silk as viewed under a microscope to examine their hygroscopic* performance – Carl Flügge, Grundriss der Hygiene [Leipzig: Veit, 1897]: *hygroscopic: (of a substance) tending to absorb moisture from the air, relating to humidity or its measurement.