Artist-in-Residence: Talia Mukmel

Die Residency wird aufgrund der COVID-19 Maßnahmen verschoben.

Talia Mukmel is a third-generation member of a family of textile designers and producers. Since childhood she has been exposed to the process of utilizing materials for self-production or crafting. Her passion has been to research a wide variety of materials in quest of new textures to be used in her work as a craft artist. Mukmel seeks to find the essence of the material that gives an object its identity and meaning. Her work has led her to create a singular language comprised of materials and basic shapes, almost primitive in nature, which she fashions into three-dimensional objects, modifying them to express a contemporary vision.

“My goal as an artist and a designer is to continue my material-philosophic research in an attempt to dismantle and reconnect the habitual processes which have led us to refrain from asking questions.”

In this period of post-modernism, Mukmel’s research has given rise to the questionable existence, or non-existence, of the emotional attachment that once bound the craftsman to the material objects he or she produced. As a designer, she has taken up the challenge to fortify or create that connection as part of her own creative process. She wavers between the old and the new in an effort to find a balance between them. creating in her work a distinct element of tension between past and present. The observer is thus invited to join Mukmel in her search to redefine meaning in the objects used in our daily lives.

Brass Sculpture, 2019

Neo Stucco, 2018

Terra Cotta #1

Talia Mukmel (1985) is an artist and a designer, creates in a multidisciplinary field. She graduated from the Industrial Design Department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem (2012). Mukmel has exhibited her artworks in galleries and exhibitions around the world. Nowadays her work is presented at the Triennale di Milano as part of the exhibition “Broken Nature” and at the Design Museum Holon (Israel), at the exhibition “Genetic Dialogue” a collaboration between her and the textile artist, Juany Mukmel, her mother.