Textile Sensoren und Aktuatoren in Handarbeit

Workshop im Rahmen der Di(gi)alog BÖKWE Fachtagung 2019

Handcrafting Textile Sensors – Electronic textiles as a medium for understanding electrical circuits and valuing traditional craftsmanship.

The workshop will introduce participants to a range of conductive textile materials and demonstrate designs for various sensors and actuators from the How To Get What You Want website.


Irene Posch

Hannah Perner-WilsonMassage Me

HTGWYW – How To Get What You Want

ETextile Swatch Exchange

Electronic Textiles / eTextiles


E. R. Post and M. Orth, „Smart fabric, or „wearable clothing“,“ Digest of Papers. First International Symposium on Wearable Computers, Cambridge, MA, USA, 1997, pp. 167-168.

Georgia Tech Wearable Motherboard™: The Intelligent Garment for the 21st Century.

Rise of DIY electronics, maker-scene, educational resources

Arduino, Lilypad, etc.

Lilypad by Leah Buechley


FlexTiles – A Felxible, Stretchable, Pressure-Sensitive Input


“Meet the Materials”

Conductive Materials:

making conductive yarn

Bekinox VS/12
100% stainless steel fibres
by Bekaert

Bekinox VN 14/2
Continuous stainless steel filament yarn
Nm 4.5, Tex 250
by Bekaert

meet the materials

Bekinox W12/18
Stainless steel fibers, blended with wool fibers 80% wool, 20% stainless steel by weight
by Bekaert

meet the materials

Shieldex 235/34 dtex HC
100% polyamide coated in silver
by Statex

meet the materials

Elitex 110/f34/2ply_PA/Ag
100% polyamide coated in silver
by Imbut

meet the materials

High Flex 3981
Kupfer 7X1 fach verseilt
by Karl Grimm

meet the materials

Enameled Copper “Magnet Wire”, Kupferlackdraht
copper, enamel
z.B. Conrad

Shieldex Kassel
corrosion proof copper-silver plated polyamide ripstop fabric
by Statex

Shieldex Technik-tex
silver plated polyamide stretch fabric
by Statex

Polymerfolie (Polyolefine), die mit Carbon Black imprägniert ist, um sie elektrisch leitfähig zu machen
by 3M/Caplinq, z.B. expTech

Der piezoresistive Effekt

Der piezoresistive Effekt ist eine Änderung des elektrischen Widerstandes eines Materials bei mechanischer Belastung.


Textile Sensors and Actuators

What is a sensor?


What is an actuator?


E-Textile Tester

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E-Textiles as educational medium?