Gastvortrag mit EJTECH

Der Gastvortrag findet auf Englisch statt.

The Design and Technology Department invites to the guest lecture „Soft Resonance: Introduction to multichannel textile sound systems” by EJTECH in collaboration with bb15 and the Tangible Music Lab Linz.

Tuesday 25th of April, 14 Uhr,
Hörsaal Lehramt (H80114) am Hauptplatz 8, 1. floor

Formed by Judit Eszter Kárpáti PhD and Esteban de la Torre, EJTECH [ˈeɪtɛk’] is an interdisciplinary artist duo working with hyperphysical interfaces, programmable matter, and augmented textiles as media to investigate sensorial and conceptual relationships between subject and object, aiming to rediscover networks of emerging structures and immanent causality within realist metamaterialism. Sound, space, light and time as material building blocks are paramount elements in their practice, analyzing the process of unfolding patterns between technology and the human body. Driven by material research, resulting in performative installations, multichannel sonic sculptures and dynamic surfaces. Influenced by the philosophy of New Materialism, Holonic Theory and Somaesthetics, EJTECH aims to provide tools for exploring liminality, thirdspace, and the elusive state of now.

In their work they experiment with space and sound as a fundamental building in a sonic experience. In their lecture they will showcase the core principles and common uses of spatial soft sound, translated to the expressive and unique timbre of textile. The guest lecture launches the three day long workshop by the duo, hosted by bb15 and the Tangible Music Lab Linz, more details on

©Bild: EJTECH – Phase In Phase Out